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So what’s the deal with Babblr

It’s had a generous few weeks of build up with the possibility of signing up to get it from the off being around for a while now, but babblr, the self proclaimed instant messenger add-on launched last night at 7pm PST.

Naturally, given the numerous natures of my tumblr accounts I signed up to it on them all and my initial reaction .is…frankly disappointment.

Babblr runs along the same lines as the vastly popular add-on “missing-e”, installing within the web browser to enhcance the blogger’s experience rather than affecting the site itself. Unfortunately it’s currently only available to those surfing tumblr on Google Chrome (a restriction that they didn’t mention on their initial advertising) and frankly is kind of pointless unless you follow/are followed by someone who also has it.

Already the add on has been subject of virus claims and while half on tumblr falls over itself to get the addition, the other half is steering well clear. Still the general response is a resounding wealth of being underwhelmed.

Still there was no doubt a point where missing-e was riddled with problems or hated by the majority, so maybe we ought to give them a trial.

Babblr is available for free, though there is an opportunity to make a donation and help support those who have put it together en encourage future development.

Babblr is not affilliated, endorsed or funded by Tumblr, it’s staff or associates.

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Alice in Wonderland chess. Help?

In the back of Alice in Wonderland there is an illustration of a chessboard and instructions towards a game that represents the story.

My housemate is doing an art project based around the story and its adaptations. As such, she is trying to figure out how to make it work according to the instructions but it isn’t working for her and she’s about ready to tear her hair out.

If there is anybody out there who has an idea about how it is supposed to play out can you please message me.

If not, please signal boost in case one of your followers do.

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So here’s the deal

I’m a third year student, in the final months of my degree and I’ve never hated life so much. Since I was little it’s been drummed into me how much of a big deal my final projects are and how essential they are. I would give anything to stop the stress. Three times I’ve considered just giving up and throwing my work in the air, packing up my essentials and walking out the door, leaving all this stress behind.

Everybody always says, that school is the best years of your life but I swear if the rest of life is as bad as this, where I cry and scream from stress and fear simply because of things I can easily get a handle of.

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There is a campaign, spearheaded by some people on my course to try and promote heterosexual support of the LGBT community.

There are those who believe advancements in opinions and legislation are down to the pressurisation of ‘radical’ LGBT groups.

2QTBST8 is attempting to get heterosexual people to show they are willing to ouffer their hand of support through their You’ve Got My Hand! pledge.

Please, feel free to check out their website to find out more and how to get involved.

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